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Knitwits officially came into being in January 2006 after a friend with whom I spent the Christmas holiday reintroduced me to the relaxing craft of knitting.  I learned to knit as a child in southern England, when yarn choices were singularly basic and unexciting.  Huge, suffocating, cream-coloured sweaters in cable stitch were then in vogue, as were form-fitting twin sets, preferably in demure pastel shades, not to mention industrial calibre scarves designed to repel foul weather, which was plentiful. 

My good friend gently told me those days were over and hauled me off to a local craft store where I was instantly smitten with the plethora of colours, textures and special yarns available today.  And that was it!  I was hooked … or should I say needled?

I was born on the Isle of Wight, a lovely retreat off the south coast of England, but have called the United States home since 1968 when I arrived in Manhattan, N.Y., to begin a long adventure overseas.  Maneuvering somehow from coast to coast, I spent 29 years in the Los Angeles area, where it felt like global warming began a long time ago.  Finally, mustering the wherewithal to escape, I moved body and soul and six cats to the comparatively sleepy hamlet of Eugene, Oregon, in January 2004, where the people are friendly, the foliage is green, and the rain is appreciated no matter what the hour or season. I am English, after all!

Since discovering that knitting is no longer a retirement pursuit signaling the end being near, I have embarked wholeheartedly into the art of colour and texture combinations to produce vibrant scarves and purses that are fun to wear, or, if all else fails, to serve as a decorative accent around the house! 

Scarves look very attractive when hung over a curtain rod to set off the drapes, flung artfully over a chair, dangling casually down the edge of a full-length mirror, or simply looped over a hitherto unadorned doorknob. 

And it seems a great shame to hide a bag in the closet, when it could be drawing attention to its beauty by hanging from a door handle or any other suitable protrusion seeking enlightenment.

I hope you enjoy using my creations as much as I enjoy making them.  

I welcome enquiries and feedback, so as to better serve customer needs … and thus have more reason to keep clacking away with my trusty knitting needles!

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